Monday, November 7, 2016

Monday and weekend recap

sooo... we went grocery shopping on friday even though I had a massive toothache and wanted to die.

on saturday we got up pretty early kind of... and took showers and got ready and went up to mom and dads for the game. Dad grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and mom made her delicious dip that she makes and Lauren and David showed up and Lauren had a cake with her.
I watched half of the football game but it was a late game and I was getting sleepy. also I couldn't get comfortable in that damn chair i was sitting in outside.

I wore my troy clarinet jersey saturday because i wanted to be in troy.

Alabama won against LSU of course.. i was scared they might not but I am glad they did.

we woke up early on sunday and came back home because we had to do two loads of laundry on sunday before Mac got home.

today is monday and I am a little pissed because stan didn't wake me up before he went to work but he claims he was being nice so i guess its ok

on wednesday i have my dentist appointment and i am really hoping they can get me back in sooner rather than later after the initial appointment for xrays and shit.

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