Sunday, November 27, 2016


thanksgiving was okay. way too much food was cooked and the house was a disaster.
My nana and pawpaw came and nana was mostly okay ... i guess, I mean as okay as she could be. she fell asleep most of the time which is kind of normal for thanksgiving right? turkey makes people sleepy.

the food was really good and i'm surprised there wasnt more left over but since stan and i hung around all weekend i guess we helped eat up the food leftovers.

Stan did something amazing.. and he got my little brother to do black friday shopping (well, really it was thursday night and early friday morning) for him... and they snuck behind my back and got me a NEW nintendo 3DS and two pokemon games.. the new pokemon SUN and also pokemon X of the xy
I pretty much almost cried when Stan gave it to me on friday morning... I was pretty much speechless.

I never thought i would actually get it and Stan loves me and he got it for me.

So now i have to be super nice to him all the time lolol =P

We watched the Alabama Auburn Ironbowl game yesterday and all i can say is i'm glad alabama won.

we came home today (sunday) and now Stan and I are washing clothes and Stan has to go to the store for somethings we need around here.

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