Tuesday, November 1, 2016

It's Tea Tuesday and also dinner with my parents

Today is tea tuesday yall

just saying--- thats black tea btw. not coffee.. psshhh

also today we are having dinner with my parents so Stan can give my dad the tickets to the Alabama game cause dad has never been to an Alabama game and its just one more thing we wanna do for him.

i had a really really bad tooth ache this morning. like so bad i was crying hysterically and heaving and coundnt breathe and stan had to sit there and watch me and it was really REALLY EMBARRASSING.. like the worst thing ever. =( =( =(

I took a shower and I feel better I just hope my teeth dont hurt anymore today
thats all i hope for

we have a shopping list for after pay day and now is the time.... but i dont know if we will do it today considering my morning feels with my teeth i am really exhausted. being in severe pain is exhausting, it really is. i had to take a nap after it stopped...and i wasnt even sleep before.


and so...

now the next holiday is thanksgiving


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