Tuesday, November 29, 2016

It finally rained in Alabama

it rained in alabama. it rained like a mother fucker, too.
i'm playing pokemon off and on, i dont wanna play it too much.
I get sad when i finish games and I dont wanna get the sads if i finish it too soon. lol
I used a lot of my pokemon money to buy stuff to dress up my character and i am regretting it because i need the money for potions now =X but i will make it

the neighbors are letting their kids run around outside and they are making noise and it makes me mad.

I just ate pizza and it was delicious.

Miss Lilly has been all over me lately... she wants to nap on me all the time.
She and I have been fighting over the couch ... theres only room for one of us to sit down and he likes it. but i like it too. so she lays on me when i sit there lol.

okay i dont have much to say so i will stop now

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