Tuesday, November 15, 2016

I have two appointments this week

One appointment on wednesday (tomorrow) for the dentist to get one of my teeth pulled because theres soo much decay and they cant save it.

And then thursday I have an appointment at IndianRivers with my therapist who is going to be introducing me to my NEW therapist that i will be seeing instead of her (my current therapist got a promotion and doesnt have time to see people for therapy anymore, sadly)

I'm watching CNN on the SlingTV thing Stan got for me. it crashes but its okay.

on monday and tuesday Stan got up at the asscrack of dawn to go in and shadow Alex for the morning edition.. because Stan will have to do it sometime soon i guess.
he gets up at like... 3am? i dont even know
but he gets home around 1pm or so

Apparently Finding Dory is out on blueray now so that is something i might want. maybe. i dunno. it was okay but it not worth buying when we have to be careful about our money.

i'm scared that going to the dentist is going to make us lose all of our money
or that because i'm married Indian Rivers will not let me go there for free anymore.
and since i cant get on stan's insurance after alll i dont know what is going to happen to me with that

I havent even though about thanksgiving or christmas yet... i need to start gathering addresses for christmas cards. though hopefully we can give most christmas cards in person at the family christmas. i cant believe they are having my family christmas at the place i had my wedding reception lol.. i guess they liked the place when they went.

i have no money to buy christmas presents this year and i dont know what to do about it.
i think this christmas might be a giftless christmas for the most part. too much bad shit has happened and i dont want anybody to waste any money on me. i already know they are and i hate it i dont deserve any gifts i just want things that are stupid. i mean i need a new cell phone kind of but i can make it without this one just fine for a while longer. i want a nintendo 3DS but i dont think its happening and i would rather the money go towards my teeth.

i have started talking to mom about what we need to do and get together for thanksgiving next week... kinda snuck up on me here. i can bake the cream cheese thing or cookies or maybe a pie and i could make green bean casserole maybe?

I need to get comfortable in the kitchen again though... might need to bake something for stan to get into the swing of it

Stan came home and talked my ear off for an hour or so. lots to do about moving out of this apartment and in with my parents... so much to do... i am overwhelmed.. i am going to try really hard to be  on top of things as much as i can but... i still have depression going on.. and i dont know how much i can do

Now we are watching StarWars thanks to Sling TV its on a channel they give so wooo..

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