Sunday, November 20, 2016

I guess We wont be going to the movies today

I feel overwhelmed because we have so much house work to do
the dishwasher is running and uses hot water so i cant get a shower in time
and then we have to wash clothes and carry them across the way to mac's apartment so we can dry them and then bring them back and put them up.
take out all the trash

anyways i just feel really overwhelmed by everything today for some reason

so no "fantastic beasts and where to find them" for me today

though if stan didnt want to go at 11am i might be okay but he wants to go so early and there's just no time

they're still showing harry potter on slingtv all day today so i will be watching that which is just as good probably i mean... i am pretty sure i wont be in love with the new fantastic beasts movie as much as harry potter. it probably wont feel as magical to me. so maybe its better if i just wait for it to come out on blueray in a few months or a year or so.
then again if we hear its really good we can still go next week or anytime. really. its not like today is the only day we can go.

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