Friday, November 11, 2016


so I havent updated in a while
on tuesday I had my dentist appointment and I have to get two teeth pulled =( they are unsalvageable.
however, the other cavities are apparently not a big deal and easy fixes.
also the dentist was impressed by how straight my teeth are and I had to tell him i had braces before lol.. but i didnt wear my retainer so... i dont know.. he said i had beautiful teeth despite my cavities. so that made me smile

i also think my dentist is a flaming homosexual but that makes me like him even more.

i have been sleeping alot because i just feel nothing worth being awake for. i watched so much election coverage and now i want to watch the news all the time and they arent running it consistently but theres enough to see if i wait through the ads they show between the content.. i'm talking about cbsnews here they have been online most of the day since before the election. i think they do a lot of online streaming news thought so it might be a normal thing for them. i dunno.

i'm eating a lot of fruitloops and trying to watch some greys anatomy i'm slowing working my way through the bulk of the seasons again.. because i wanna refresh my memory on everything before they add the new stuff to netflix

stan is getting me pizza of some kind tonight so thats nice
we should find something to watch together while we eat we rarely watch anything together anymore

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