Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Dentist todayyy

I'm really nervous about my dental appointment. I have a tiny mouth (the dentist told me so) and i just can't imagine how they're going to get the tools in the back of my mouth to pull that last molar on the top like... my mouth doesn't open up that much. and if they cant get it it might be a surgical thing which will cost a fuck ton more and i dont want it to happen but i wont have any choice once its going down.
I have an anti anxiety medication (ativan) to take at 10:30am and i have to get a shower and eat before that.
 they want me to get there about 30 minutes before the procedure and they will probably tell me to take another pill

its was nice and chilly this morning which makes me wanna wear my boots and stuff maybe i will wear tights and boots and a flannel shirt today to the dentist... it would be a waste of a nice outfit though considering i'm getting teeth pulled.

I'm getting to watch CNN all day like a loser lol i love it.
Sling TV is awesome except for it crashes a lot

I might try to sneak in a clarinet practice this morning because i dont wanna miss a day of practice =X

Miss Lilly has been rubbing her face on Herc's harness that we have laying out here because we cant put it away yet so I just moved it to her perch on the window so she can have it whenever she misses him.

i guess i will save my poptarts to eat before my medicine and all that.
anyways just waiting this out this morning and getting ready... getting a tooth pulled. for the first time. an adult tooth. a molar. okay. yeah.


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