Tuesday, October 4, 2016

weekly grind

stan has to work late tonight because of the vice presidential debate this evening.
so i'm sticking it out here all day.. gonna have frozen pizza for lunch and dinner probably... but these little frozen pizzas we have been getting are really good so that makes me happy.

i think i might watch the debate here myself just because its history in the making and i know stan is watching it too so its like we are watching it together, lol
i have no idea who the VP people are all i have heard is trump and clinton nobody really cares about the VP people i think.. cause the presidential candidates are so out there

i went shopping and bought peanut butter cookie mix and hershey kisses to make the cookies this weekend. and i got baby wipes (because i love them and use them for everything like taking off make up and cleaning shit) and q-tips and aluminum pans to take food to Alex and Sagen's house this weekend.

i've spent most of today talking to Sagen so that gives me something to do. thats cool.

i need to journal a lot to keep myself occupied.

Sagen said there might be around 7 people at her house this weekend... so i think i will buy something else dessert like that isnt peanut butter-ish to balance out what i'm taking. maybe just sugar cookies with icing from walmart.

its fun being all domesticated and shit.

7 people is a lot for me to handle so i hope stan gets his medicine refilled ... he will need it too probably.

i have had some really weird dreams lately but they are tolerable nothing that is giving me problems during the day

we might be meeting my mom and dad at red lobster for endless shrimp on thursday after stan gets back from leeds for his reporter thing

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