Monday, October 31, 2016

Weekend recap and monday morning

So this past weekend I went to mom and dad's on friday morning because i had been laying around here being miserable for too long and I needed to see my parents.
I stopped at dollar tree on the way and got some deodorant and razors and snacks for the weekend.
when I got there mom was in fayette but gordon and dalton were home.. Gordon told me some funny stories about his work at the toll bridge and we talked about what he was gonna do with Krista regarding them moving somewhere. And then mom came home and she brought delicious smoke chicken wings for us to eat that night.

so we sat around.. and eventually mom finally got around to telling me about what all had happened with Nana and her doctor this past time... and apparently they almost went ahead and signed off on her to be put away because she is being so ridiculous.  but mom stopped it from happening completely because she isnt sure she is ready yet she wants to have a chance or two left i guess.. and even if nana gets put away in a  home, pawpaw is gonna need to stay in that house for another year or so to make everything okay for the re-sale of it property. thankfully pawpaw is okay with hired nurses coming to check on him daily unlike nana.. the only reason nana cant keep living at home is she wont take her meds right and accuses any nurse or home help people of stealing from her because she is paranoid as hell... they never got her paranoia under control with the rest of her symptoms so its just really really bad.

on saturday dad had to work so it was just me and mom.
 mom and i fought gordon for the TV in the livingroom (gordon was playing halo online but was going to work eventually anyway) so.... we watched some interesting football games. nothing as good as alabama obviously.. but it was okay. i wanted to watch something.
mom and i went to the convenience store Crossroads and got chicken tenders and potato wedges for lunch and i didn't finish all of mine because i was so full from the potatos.. which is okay.. and then saturday night when dad got home mom made cube steak and gravy and sauteed onions and mashed potatoes and homemade biscuits. it was really really good.

on sunday i went to church with mom because dad had to work and they didn't have a normal service it was just this group of guys playing guitar and singing... so that was okay. we did sing two hymns as a congregation though so that made me feel better. i like singing, even though i'm not any good at it.

after church we went to big al's with pawpaw and had lunch . i got the small personal pan pizza... pepperoni pizza. was SO FUCKING GOOD. i can't even explain how good it was. jesus. i ate the whole thing
went back to the house and i took a small nap and when i woke up i packed up and left for the apartment...
but i stopped at dollar tree again on the way back into town for more snacks and a drinks because i was thirsty. for a cherry limeade sparkling water that was so so good but it upset my stomach a lot... but it was delicious and didnt hurt my teeth to drink so i was happy

stan spent a lot of time with me last night and i got caught up on my planner and everything.
went to bed around my usual time.

this morning we got up around 7am. (i turned my 6am alarm off)
stan had to get me to jump his car off this morning so he can go to the store for a new battery and hopefully the place will install it for him too cause if not there's going to be a problem.

i'm going to try and stay relatively calm here at the apartment all day, though i am getting worried we might have trick or treaters because we decorated and i dont have any candy for them =( i might have to go to the store for something to hand out

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