Monday, October 24, 2016

monday monday monday

i can't not post cute things i'm sorry lol

thats weird i'm pretty sure i updated my blog when we got home with some more stuff in that last post and there's nothing there.
nothing saved in the drafts either. wtf
oh well

so we are back to the weekly grind.
which means i watch netflix and clean house and play pokemon and eat everything in sight. pretty much. lol
i'm re watching the latest season of greys anatomy to get caught up and settled for when they put the new stuff up. other wise i'm watching House over and over again because i can. and i love it.

i'm jouraling a lot and i keep my planner pretty...
Miss Lilly has been loving on me a lot

I think I got the crud so I am taking some dayquil...

been eating fruit loops all morning. and string cheese.
need to charge my vape pen.
i have a lavender  scented candle burning right now

it sucks not being able to wash clothes whenever i want to but this also puts us on a a schedule of sorts so that is okay in a way.

i love my tiny gifs for the holidays
... i posted about my blog on the facebook for the first time in a long time i wonder who will start reading?? lol
i'm boring but i'm here

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