Friday, October 21, 2016

mini vacay post number one

I'm at the hotel while Stan interviews a guy for his job. I'm watching CNN and drinking wine and journaling. Stan is going to order pizza and we might go to the pool. I went down there and put my feet in and it's not that cold even for mid October.
it's been nice to relax and get away from our normal surroundings.

I've made it through one bottle of wine and I don't feel anything so I'm guessing I'm building up a tolerance to alcohol. which sucks because I have to either drink more wine and get a tummy ache really fast... or try to talk Stan into getting harder liquor in small amounts. which is unlikely. so I will just have to suffer through severe indigestion all the time.

so excited about the pizza... getting a custom sauce on the pizza. and my favorite toppings. I love my man.

now im gonna journal and wait for Stan...

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