Tuesday, October 18, 2016

its tuesday right? lol

so yeah... therapy yesterday.. was okay... we drank on sunday and i was ridiculously hung over so i was really sloppy and wanted to get the fuck out of there as fast as possible.

i changed my name at the mental health clinic.. my therapist tried to pull up my file and was like "whats...going on" and i was all like "oh yeah i just changed my name up front lol"

today stan took his car in to get the air bag fixed on his side and they had the stuff to do both sides (there was a recall on the air bags) so he went in and they drove him back here and we went to walmart for him to get medicine because he is sick and also he got chicken wings and a pizza for me.
now we have just eaten lunch early and are watching something on netflix
i really want a cigarette but i dont need to be driving right now

i changed my name somewhere.. though ... thats cool. Mrs. Tabitha Leigh Ingold
Mrs. Ingold.

but on sunday we played poker and drank... i drank wine and then tequila and i was so drunk and i felt like shit so bad.. really really bad.. i hate tequila.. i really really hate it. i never want to drink it again. i hadn't drank tequila in years and i never want to do it again.

i have therapy in november and it will be a joint session with my new therapist.. cause Tara is quitting doing therapy and i have to adjust to a new therapist... i am not looking forward to it at all.. i have change.. and i hate having to explain myself to new people.
Tara made me realize that if i see a new psychiatrist they might not offer therapy along with their psych stuff so i might not get anybody to talk to.. some psychiatrist dont let you talk a lot and i need to talk because i dont have any friends. so i might need to find a therapist on the side along with a psychiatrist when i get on stan's health care.

we are watching a show on netflix that has kelso and hyde from "that 70s show" in a role where they are brothers on a ranch and its really funny.

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