Thursday, October 13, 2016

got my name changed today

the social security office place is hell... like... really bad really really bad
my mom came and got me and we went and waited forever
after that mom and i went to Arby's and had lunch and then she dropped me off at home
I went to walmart after that and got candy corn for more candy corn peanut mix

I am excited about having my name changed. now we have to go to the driver license place and get a new license ... but we need to wait until we know where we will be living cause the address is going to change and i dont wanna get a new drivers license with the apartment address and then we move out of the apartment and its invalid

it looks like i might go with stan to fairhope next weekend when he goes for work we are going to make a weekend of it so i will finally get a weekend away in a hotel
i should start packing now!!! haha

i'm really addicted to candy corn and peanuts

i've started watching greys anatomy again and i'm catching up on all the episodes i've put off watching

we are planning on going to the Kentuck arts and crafts festival in town saturday morning and heading over to alex and sagens after that that to watch the alabama vs tennessee game in the afternoon.

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