Sunday, October 9, 2016

game day was fun and so is today

suck a ding dong and a ching chang chong
we know we aint kids no mores
(random song mish mash from a song thats popular.. i cant understand what the lyrics really are so i just make random noises instead)

i wore some of my jewelry for game day...
yesterday we went to Little Italy for pizza ... I had two slices of pizza one pepperoni and a one mushroom
then we went to the salvation army thrift store in northport and looked around... everything there is so much more expensive than tuscaloosa and they have a lot less... they did have some cat figurines but none of them were white.
then we went to dollar tree in northport for garlic powder and ended up buying candy corn and tampons and some washi tape (very excited about getting some new washi)
then we went to big lots and ended up getting some potato chips for really cheap (they're kettle cooked so they're awesome)
while we were there we both left our phones in the car and i was scared i lost mine in the store because sometimes when i have my phone in my hand i will randomly set it on a shelf while i'm looking at stuff and yeah... i'm bad about losing my phone lol

FINALLY it was time to go to Alex and Sagen's house. we were gonna go earlier but they messaged us and told us they werent ready for people to come over. so we had time to waste.

we got to their apartment before they were back from the store but they told us the back door was unlocked so we went in before they got there.
i didn't drink anything for most of the game. but eventually stan let me have two beers. My cookies went over well and everybody loved stan's scotch eggs. the country style ribs were devoured... one guy ate three in a row and then he had the meat sweats. it was so funny.
Katherine (one of our friends) locked her knees and passed out in the middle of a sentence and hit her head. it was really scary, i didn't see it happen but they said her head his the edge of the cement patio and it made a loud cracking noise.
I tried eating peanuts and candy corn mixed together and it was delicious... it tastes like a payday candy bar!

i didnt really eat anything but candy and my sea salt cracker pepper kettle corn chips that we bought and took to the thing. Stan went and bought me cigarettes so now i have my own cigarettes to smoke. (i wanna try to save them for social gatherings with the group because they all smoke and it feels weird to not be able to smoke)
The Alabama game was good as usual...  also... the Tennessee games was good too. Tennessee almost came back and did their winning thing but they failed this time. which made Alex sad.
we stayed until the end of the game and then a little bit longer.

Today i got up early... started laundry.. and went to dollar tree for poptarts (they have three kinds at dollar tree, sometimes four) and laundry detergent.

after stan got up we went to the chinese buffett and  i ate a lot... i even tried tiny octopus and frog legs!
then we went to walmart and got some groceries and stan bought me a nice shirt (a reward for eating weird food, lol)
Stan also got me razors, face powder, caffeine, prilosec. He takes good care of me. I love him.

I came home and tried to read and only got 20 pages into my newest book ... Revival by Stephen King.. and then i had to take a nap.
i slept for like two or three hours. slept like a rock.
i've been trying to get the laundry through the dryer but its taking multiple dryings for each load.
now we are watching Malcolm in the Middle from the beginning and its hilarious as hell.

I finally got past my road block in pokemon because gordon looked it up and told me what to do.. so now when i'm bored i can play my pokemon game.

gotta stay up an eat a take my meds and try to get the laundry done somehow... bahhh.

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