Saturday, October 1, 2016

Alabama homecoming feast

today we had our Alabama homecoming feast. food was good as usual. dad smoked some meat.
the game to watch to day wasn't the bama game though... the Tennessee vs Georgia game was so exciting even I was into it. it came down to the last second. was such a good game.

Lauren and David came last minute and Lauren cooked the chocolate chip cream cheese bake that I usually make and it was good but not as good as mine. but I will say it was good enough that I ate two servings lol

I drank a bottle of wine and most of a beer and that was enough. wine doesn't do much for me but that's okay. meds do the rest. lol

tomorrow we will wait for homecoming traffic to leave town and then go home. hopefully everything is fine at the apartment. like hopefully my car tag is still there and Shit. I swear if they steal the tag from the same car twice they have serious issues...

updating on my phone is a Bitch but I needed to do it.

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