Friday, September 23, 2016

staying with my parents while things get taken care of

apartment issues got to me so i went to stay with my parents for a few days
i got to go to fayette to visit my nana and pawpaw and while my mother regrets letting me go it was tolerable for most of the time. my nana is being really... not good right now. it makes being around her almost impossible. we had lunch with pawpaw and charles cafeteria and i had hamburger steak with gravy and onions

my teeth hurt so bad all the time i dont know what to do
i cant do anything without feeling this ache in my teeth... just sitting here breathing makes my teeth hurt

i'm close to finishing up in my pink jounral ive been writing in in since april.. so its about time to finish.. i had been so depressed that i hadnt written much in there this year and there fore havent filled up my journal as fast as i should have

jesus my teeth hurt so baddddd i dont know what to do

i miss stan and the situation that has me away from the apartment have me really sad with myself and i dont know what to do
i just think.. maybe.. i wish i wasnt paranoid but i am and i cant help it.. paranoia is a big deal for people like me. i cant.. i dont know.. i feel hopeless and afraid things will never be the same again and i dont know what to do because i cant make the feelings go away

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