Monday, September 5, 2016

RIP Hercules

please keep us in your thoughts... stan had to put down his dog on sunday and its really hard on him and me.
more so on him-- i mean he has to known him forever. Hercules lived to be 19 years old. thats like 200 in human years. he lived a long and wonderful life and i am just really glad he isnt hurting anymore. he went downhill really fast and i'm glad he is in a better place now.

stan and i have slept alot and been really quiet. stan got upset and decided to start cooking food and he made some really good chicken. but now we are ready to drown in food and i want pizza because i am addicted to pizza.

i had a weird feeling that Hercules would pass on right around the time we were going to get married. I'm not sure why but i had had that feeling for months, and it ended up being right.

now we have to get thing on lock down for marriage and reception.
i am not looking foreward to all the possible drama that is coming with this reception.

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