Tuesday, September 6, 2016

lots of stuff is about to happen

so much is happening in the next few days i am on auto pilot my anxiety level is at the max and i am trying to cope with it in any way possible.

today i was really anxious until i took my buspar and laid down but its just.. i get antsy and i dont know what to do about it

today stan and i have went shopping for some last minute things we need... or needed. for ourselves. and the reception.
i have packed most of my clothes and i cant pack my personal hygiene products until after i get ready tomorrow so lol...

today i played pokemon pearl that i restarted and i caught shiny geodude!!! i am so excited!!! its really hard and rare to get a shiny pokemon and yayayayayayyayyayayy.

today we last minute got dressed and went to Krista's dad's viewing at the funeral home near our house. Krista is my sister because she and gordon have been dating for so long... four years? a really long time. and yeah so.. we had to go.

that just added to the death of this week.. Hercules and Krista's Dad
and then on friday i'm getting married!!
two funerals and a wedding

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