Sunday, September 25, 2016

back at the apartment

things seem okay

stan and i went grocery shopping for some of the things that we need here at the apartment...

stan got me delicious pizza
i'm feeling pretty good

miss lilly is happy to be home
stan did so much house work while i was gone i am so amazed i cant believe he did all this work
i have to find some way to thank him tee hee

the pizza stan got me was from pizza hut and they apparently have the option the have other sauces other than marinara and i he got me some other sauce that didnt have marinara and omg it was so much easier on my stomach i am in heaven with this delicious pizza

we are trying to plan out our week and he is going to go to HR on tuesday to see about getting me on his dental so i can get my teeth taken care of... i am so grateful he care enough to do that for me. i need this pain to go away. i can barely think sometime because it hurt so bad

also on tuesday i have therapy with tara so i can finally tell her everything that has happened ... so much has happened

on friday we are going to go to my parents house for the the weekend because the football game is here this weekend and its homecoming so that will make everybody crazy
miss lilly better get used to traveling in the car lol

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