Thursday, September 1, 2016

A few things to note

I have stopped taking latuda (for bipolar depression and schizophrenia) because the bastards won't send me my medication when I call it in and I'm tired of fighting them for it.  End of discussion.  Plus my doctor lady had recently suggested that it might not be doing that much for me considering how depressed I still am  so I think its not that far off from what they'd expect anyway.

Also I skipped therapy today because I was asleep all day. Without the latuda I have trouble sleeping so we got my melatonin again.  And I took what I took back in the day and it was apparently too much because I slept all fucking day. Good deep sleep though.  I'm skipping it tonight and trying a lower dose later.

Tonight I was really  nauseated and had to vomit.  Which is lovely. 
I haven't really read  any of my book today so I feel like a lazy sob.

I almost never skip therapy so I just want everybody to know that that's kind of big deal for me.
But last time I saw  her my therapist was kind of trying to talk me out of getting married and that shit ain't gonna fly yall.  Nope.

Stan bought me a pokemon shirt with Pikachu on it.  I am so happy.
Running out of things to say.  Thank God for autocorrect on this tablet.
It's just stormed for the first time in days and that makes me happy.
I think I'm going to start a new pokemon rom game soon not sure what game I wanna play but I need something to distract me.

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