Friday, August 26, 2016

Today was a big day

today we went to the courthouse and applied for our marriage license. we were luck we got there when we did because after us came a truck load of people who wanted to get the same thing and i'll be damned if i had to wait in line that long... so luck was on our side!

it turn 11:11 while we were signing the stuff and that made me happy... 11:11 is one of my things....
I wanted to have the reception at 3:33 but the timing is not exact for that.. so we just said 3.

So now we are half way to being married

after that we went to Pearl Garden and had lunch with my mom... i had some delicious Orange chicken and two scoops of fried rice and and egg rolls.. needless to say i am STUFFED from that even now at 8 pm

Mom gave me some of her vape juice so i am okay to go.. she gave me a sample of her strawberries and cream... and also something that should taste like mountain dew baja flavor.. whatever that is..
i hope its good cause i dont wanna have to go to the store since we decided not to go today.

The book i'm reading that sci-fi has started getting good and i am excited about it...but i feel bad because the book is over 700 pages and its a big book with small print and that is going to take me along time to read
and i'm 9 books behind on my reading goal for 2016
but i have these trash novels to read instead in the mean time.. i guess i will read those when i need something to speed read and get my book count up... and read the stuff i want when i want to be actually entertained.

i waited until this evening to post on facebook about our marriage license and a lot of people are liking and commenting...
i just hope everything goes well on the 10th..
and we have the 9th to get through. before the 10th... i need to find something to wear to the counseling and also to the tiny little ceremony we are having to go through to get it done.

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