Sunday, August 21, 2016

sunday is laundry day

and wine day
i have drank a whole bottle already and its not even 4pm

i'm really bored

i could play pokemon but i dont really want to
and i also dont wanna read this book right now

Stan and I are playing words with friends and he is kicking my ass like.. hard

people keep asking me about the wedding and reception and i just dont have anything to tell them. there isnt anything to really say. we arent doing anything fancy and we are having trouble finding someone to marry us because the fucking courthouse doesnt do marriages anymore they just hand out the certificates and tell you to go somewhere else. piece of shit that is.

so now we have to find a person who can marry us
fucking shit

atleast i have my divorce papers right now and i hope i dont forget them because i have to have them to get married again
more stupid shit, in my opinion

i want more wine
but this is the last of it.

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