Sunday, August 14, 2016

Stan and I are going to be pokemon masters!

Stan and I watch pokemon on tv then play pokemon for hours! this is our weekends..... grilled cheese and eggs and fruitloops and pokemon.
Stan cooked for me yesterday. made me eggs and grilled cheese!

I vape so much stan has started calling me the  VAPE QUEEN
lol so lame but okay
I dont obsess over my vapepen. i dont take photos of my smoke clouds... (yet)

I'm taking a break from pokemon at the moment while my ds charges and takes a break. i'm playing pokemon white 2 and its best on a 3ds but will play on a regular ds.... but it seems to lag up and stuff on the ds so i'm giving it a break. 

fruitloops are the shit man i can eat them all day 

I'm worried about Hercules.he has a seizure for the first time in ages yesterday... though he did snap out of it pretty fast so that was good.

Stan is watching youtube videos of people playing through pokemon and its hilarious. 

i'm reading the hell out of some Danielle Steel right now. gonna finish this book tonight and start  new one tomorrow.

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