Monday, August 29, 2016

saturday and sunday and monday

Saturday was the pub event with APR .. it was okay and I think I did okay. We all went out to eat after wards at Hokkaido and we ran into my parents and brother there. which was kind of weird and definitely unexpected.
I slept through sunday completely. I was so tired from doing so much saturday night.
I dont even remember... just... i was so out of it. It was like sunday never happened.

today i woke up in a really bad mood and i dont know why..
i spent most of today in bed reading a book... lady smut books lol

its so early... i feel like days take forever to pass. it makes me depressed.. i have nothing to do all day. it drives me insane.

I started reading more of the fantasy/sci-fi book i am reading and its getting really good. i get annoyed when something interrupts me while i'm reading it though.. lol i guess you could call that the bookwormgrumpies

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