Wednesday, August 24, 2016

"it's all happening"

so time is coming up on the reception and we are getting things together slowly but surely.
on friday stan and i are going to the courthouse to get the papers
also on friday stan is going to take me to  a shop to get ejuice for my vape cause i'm running low

saturday there is an event with APR that i am going to attend (which i am saving my cigarettes for lol)
and its at Druid City Brewing its the Put the Pub in Public Radio
and Sagen will be there so I have someone to talk to.. that is the best thing. if she wasnt going i wouldn't go
it wont  be a long event so i think i can handle it
then there may or maynot be something going on after that at alex and sagen's house
it would be nice to play  cards against humanity.. i haven't played in a while and since my medicine is good that would be awesome to do

we have decided to get married officially on sept 9th so that is the day. 9/9
the preacher wont marry us without having a meeting with us before the event
a kind of counseling
so i guess that is okay... i guess
i didnt really want that but its so hard to find a person to marry us that we have to do what we have to do.

i did some laundry today

apparently my Nana was in the hospital today and i don't know why

So about the reception

its happening at the Lion's club next to the school..
it's an "i do" BBQ so there is barbeque and i wanted stuff for people who don't like what is smoked or grilled so we have decided to get some chicken tenders that are breaded
and My cousin april asked about bringing stuff and I suggested Mac and Cheese for the kiddos and people who don't want potato salad  baked beans.. rolls of bread obviously
from the looks of it i will probably be eating chicken tenders and mac and cheese myself, ya know? lol

 Stan's friend from work Jennifer is going to make our cake as the wedding gift to us.. I want two tier.. purple flowers green ivy and the triskele  on the top in gold.

speaking of gold i have those gold heels to wear

its all happening man... i'm getting married.

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