Tuesday, August 16, 2016

getting shit done

in a sense. we have gotten one step closer to getting married. stan called the courthouse and we know now that i need my divorce papers with me to get married so that is that. mom got them immediately cause she is awesome. so next week we will get our certificate and after that we just need someone who can sign off on it or whatever they do

i have to start writing in invitations to our party soon the address for the lions club is weird so that bothers me  and makes me think it might not work with GPS but hopefully everything will go fine. lets hope i have a good hand writing day lol god knows my hand writing has been shit lately

I'm reading lots of books. cheap trashy lady romance books. but i love it an they are quick reads for me.
its just like.. i read the books and i gotta know what happens so i keep reading.

I went to my appointment with the lady who gives me my meds and she reluctantly increased my prozac... so hopefully we will see improvement soon. I just can't lay in bed like this anymore.

stan is on his way home... he is stopped and getting CHICKEN For DINNER.

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