Sunday, August 7, 2016

A weekend at my parents house

This weekend I have been at my parents house and it's been a pretty good time.  We worked on the details for the wedding reception invitations and what foods we want to have there.  I got really overwhelmed by all the things we have gotr to get together before Sept 10th...
We ate Mexican on Saturday for lunch...  And we went to the restaurant that Stan and it had our first date at.  So that was fun for me. Nostalgia is always good.
After that we went to the grocery store for some things that we needed for dinner.  We also stopped  by the dollar general  near the house to get me some shorts to lounge in because I forgot all of mine and all I had to wear was my Jean shorts.
Saturday night my parents cooked a ham and we had beans and potatoes. The ham was so good.  And of course I ate all the potatoes because they are my jam.

Stan played a lot of pokemon while we were here and that makes me smile.
Today has been a slow day and I have played pokemon and done sudodku puzzles and read in a book I started back in the first half of the year. I'm now 50 percent done with it.

Stan is going home now but I am staying here until tomorrow night.  The babies will be staying with me.  Not sure what I'm gonna do all day tomorrow.

I gotta stop writing and help Stan leave.  So TTYL Internet.

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