Monday, August 22, 2016

a quiet monday night

stan and i are having a quiet monday night literally.. its super quiet. lol

today i unloaded the dishwasher and put up the clothes in the dryer
i took out the trash in the bathroom and i checked the mail.
i moved my car because there is a bird that sits in the tree same spot every day and just shits on my car. over and over
its ridiculously annoying.
like this bird does nothing but sits and shits on my car..


the reception is coming up really soon and i'm starting to get nervous about just about everything ever.
what happens when this and that and what ..... i am scared for a few reasons
1. Chloe might be overwhelmed by my cousin's kids
2. Martin might get shat on by everybody because he will be the only black guy there. BUT I NEED HIM THERE OKAY. DAMN IT. END OF DISCUSSION.
3. my family might bring booze and this is a not liquor event (unfortunately)
4. my family is insanely loud and weird

i have decided to save money and wear a dress i already have so that is good. plus it looks like me and and feels good to wear... i'm gonna wear my boots with ... wait wait wait.. i bought those gold shoes i need to wear them haha yessss.. "in" gold get it

i hope my medication adjustment is working i dont want to be a depressed slob anymore... i hate myself for being so slobbish  there is so much i need to do in the apartment to clean and i am getting overwhelmed thinking about it.... eeeep

i haven't played pokemon in a while and neither has stan.. so that is making me sad.. i wish he would charge is tablet so he could play it again.

we bought eggs at dollar tree!!! 18 eggs for $1 medium sized eggs and they are delicious i ate a fuck ton of eggs today and also a grilled cheese sandwich. and some cheeze its. though not the good cheeze its.... the best ones are baby swiss .... the normal ones are blah. and i ran out of baby swiss so i have to eat the normal ones for now..
tomorrow i will attempt to do more things and hope my medicine is working.

the bathtub/shower could use a good scrubbing and i should mop the floors.
.... i should really vacuum too

i need to kick my ass into house wife mode

i mean i'm gonna be a house wife right
i think
so i need to keep things tidy
and stop being a horrible slob

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