Sunday, July 17, 2016

things are better but not the best they could be

i still think my meds need to be a little higher.. i think 60 mgs of prozac would be best.
but its been so hard to get anything done with my medication i should just be happy anything is good with it

speaking of my meds.. my cat vomited on my pill case and i went to rinse it off--- little did i know the damn thing wasnt sealed and water got into my pills for this week.... a whole week of pills ruined. no salvaging any of them.  which means i will run out of meds early and have to explain to the damn people why and it seems like a lie and because... i mean, who the fucks cat vomits on their pill case? *THIS GIRL* and who the fuck doesnt realize their case isnt water proof? this girl


yesterday we were supposed to hang out with alex and sagen but they had somethings to deal with and that is ok. so stan and i went to the movies and saw "the secret life of pets" which was hilarious and i loved it but it wasnt as good as i thought it would be... but definitely worth watching.

then we went shopping for some stuff
an came home and i almost decided to go to bed but instead i decided that we should play some kind of game together so i got stan to teach me to play poker. i never knew how to play until last night. i love it! we also drank bourbon and i got completely wasted. i dont even remember the end of the night and a lot happened apparently, lol. i fell and hurt my hand/wrist and my knee. and there was some sexy time so that is good. i think it was time for it... now that im not depressed anymore.

so i am almost ready to let stan buy me a 3ds even though we dont have the money.
but what i really want right now is the pokemon go thing to work on my phone.. so we are going to get an upgrade but we have to get my mom to go with us .. the pokemon go thing would make me get up and move around so that would be good for me.

I'm listening to I Heart Radio and Stevie Nicks is playing sooo that is good.
my hand really hurts

i really dont know what to do today

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