Tuesday, July 26, 2016

still barely making it

but thats okay
i have a lot of angry words to say to the people who control who gets what money raises where stan works but i cant use them because it makes stan look bad.
i have never seen stan so upset and i cant blame him. he busts his ass for them and he gets nothing. that is not okay.
the amount of upset is indescribable

my medication is not right and my therapist submitted  a form to let her know that my medication wasnt right and the closest they could get me in was august 16th so that is just fucking fantastic

i see tara on the 10th which is earlier than the medication adjustment visit so wtf.
also one of the therapist  quit so tara is going to have to keep seeing patients so i dont lose my person that i am used to seeing.. she gets the new position and keeps some of her patients.. or alll of them.. so she is doing two jobs, i know that must be hard for her but i am glad i get to keep my therapist... #selfish

as for the pokemons i am scared to try the next gym (its a dragon type)
 i dont think i can beat it and i'm scared to try

i'm blogging mostly because i need to do something
miss lilly is sitting here on the windowsill
i havent been coloring much
i have done a sudoku puzzle or two though
and i have been journaling ... journaling is the best

it has been ridiculously hot lately like... cannot go outside hot

our washer and dryer are all kinds of fucked up

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