Saturday, July 2, 2016

shits the pits man

i am alive by the skin of my teeth
they will give me my prozac but they have to take away the ocd medication

so i can't win

also we are having some huge issues regarding the process of getting married and all that is supposed to happen

which hits me really hard because i am so down right now

i am pretty sure this is the worst depressive episode i have ever experienced
i am not showering
or cleaning myself
i am not changing clothes
i dont get out of bed
this has been weeks now
they want to put me in the inpatient treatment program but i refused because of money

the only thing i have been doing is playing nintendo DS crossword and wordsearch that my mom and dad got me when i got my ds

and coloring
i have been coloring like mad crazy all the time
i cant watch greys anatomy because its so emotional... i was so excited to watch it because they put the new episodes up on netflix

blogging is really hard right now

i am finally finishing clothes that needed washing last week

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