Friday, June 10, 2016

so my computer screen is fixed-- kind of

but the connector part between the screen and keys got fudged up so he has to reorder that part
basically the colors all kinds of crazy
no images look like they're supposed to and the whites are blue and black is red sometimes and he colors flicker and strobe lol
its like using the computer on an acid trip! lol
i am so glad to have the computer back though
my nails got so long that when i started typing i wasnt sure it was that i forgot how to type or that my nails were so long hahah

april and i are at fire temple in zelda and she cant play over the weekend so i am going to stop halfway through and start over with her. its best when we do it together. my fear of falling down through holes and shit in games and just holes in general kept me from finding the last rooms in forest temple. i went in circles for days. and apparently the walk through i was looking at sucked because it didn't even properly.. i dont know... i found another one on ign and that seems to be working well for me.
memories are slowly coming back. i did play all the way up to the last temple and quit last time i played so i mean... its been done damn it

my dad fixed the drier-- took the whole damn thing apart and found the belt that was fucked and replaced it
though the dryer itself has some things wrong with it that make it very very dangerous and actually a fire hazard so we have to be sure to turn if to off if we open halfway through the cycle or make sure we push the start button to restart other wise the elements will just sit in on position and get hotter and hotter and theres apparently no seal on the back so lint gets inside and coats everything an that can catch on fire in a heartbeat. they didnt even find one that was made or it... they would have to take a replacement for the front and make it fit.
i am kind of bored but not

i can watch pretty litttle liars and see what happened on the newest season
and color and watch house
which is probably what i will do
i think we are having pizza tonight. i keep eating a lot of bad fooods =( i'm getting fat again i just know it i can feel it weighing me down and making me gross gross gross

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