Tuesday, June 21, 2016

long time no posty

so on top of my computer screen being possessed by some demon on acid
there was a storm that took out the internet here and i had no internet for days
no netflix either
i just about died

days were bleak nights were long
i think we may have went through our very own dark age here

i couldn't play the wii because i needed my walkthrough to play zelda
and i need the internet for the walkthrough
and in pokemon i am unsure and need walkthrough too

today i am updating to say that i have been in bed for like two weeks now
its been a crazy little ride

and i am still alive

on saturday stan and the radio people had an awards banquet and they won some big award and it was all celebration time
so when they got back i drug my ass out of bed and went with them to the pub and it was fun. more fun than i have experienced in a long time
we hung out at alex's apartment later and that didnt go as well everybody was tired and ready to call it a day by then

on sunday we went to red lobster... took my parents out for fathers day
the food was amazing like.. the best i've had there in a long time. they must have stepped up their game for fathers day crowd cause that food was amaaaaaazing

yesterday was monday and i was supposed to be sitting here waiting for the new modem router thing and it never came so i slept and went to sleep early and slept all night
today i used the one computer that has internet magically somehow and watched netflix
stan stayed home today
today though i realized they have the new grey's anatomy on line so i am finally getting to watch the new stuff

today they delivered the new modem and its set up and now i can use the computer and everything is back to normal
i feel like the poop though

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