Friday, June 3, 2016

Last minute change of plans

Due to a few factors I won't be going with Stan to Fairhope tomorrow...  Er...  Today.
He had  a ridiculously bad week at work and the added stress of having to drive north for and hour and back to drop Hercules off before we can even start rolling is really overwhelming Imo.
On top of that the time without me would be a good time to de-stress and not have to worry about me.  And he can be a guy and let all his gross guy habits hangout haha.  Guys are so gross! They just are it's okay they came that way.  Haha.  I know that not having to wonder if I'm annoyed by his habits for a while will be refreshing since I am generally very  irritable.  I have to give Stan credit.  He puts up with so much shit from me.  I don't even know why he is still with me most days.

I will stay home and play Zelda since I can now.  Omg I'm in heaven.  I paused  the game inside the great deku tree  and just let the  music loop while I did house work. And other random places obviously. I mean it's almost always playing in the very back of my mind.  Why not listen for realsies. 
I woke up at 1 cause I passed out at 8 but I was up fighting  acid reflux for three or four hours. So I will go back to bed now.  I just wanted to tell somebody or something about anything. Going insane with almost no one  to talk to.  I have April and that's about it. 
But she is a whole hell of a better than a lot of weak  friends. Quality over quantity.

Goodnight interwebs

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