Friday, June 24, 2016

its been a slow week

we plan to go see independence day this weekend
im trying to get through some personal things and hoping they get my medicine to me and hoping i get my medication complaint form taken care of.

trying to function without prozac leads me to take other things that i dont want to take and i feel guilty about it all the damn time.
why cant my doctors just trust me i need the prozac and the other meds at the same time okay thanks i have put my mind and body through hell and im pretty sure i can handle them all at once i got this give me my medication so i can stop going insane

rant over

i am counting down the day until i get pokemons
my wedding gift will be a nintendo 3ds the best they make and pokemon sun and moon since my wedding party is in september... we will have a honey moon fund to help buy stuff with and hopefully that will work out. we will honey moon somewhere probably but its not a big deal just the beach or something

i fucked up and had to quit shadow temple halfway through so now i'm SUPER fucked and have no fucking idea where i am and have to get to where i was from the beginning and its making me want to stop playing really bad... which brings me back to pokemon

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