Monday, June 6, 2016

Feeling kinda low

I'm feeling really washed out and blank.  I haven't had a down day in a few days so I guess that is to be expected.
I'm kind of frustrated with ocarina of time right now and need to take a break for the rest of today. 
Tomorrow I am moving the wii into the bedroom Soni can play in here even when Stan is home and wanting the use of the TV in the living room.

April is playing Zelda with me at the same time which makes it more fun.  But I feel really inferior to her because I am not doing side quests and I'm pretty sure that is going to haunt me later. But then again I can go back in time,  right. So yeah.
Pretty much my darkest secret is I have never mastered this game. I have to look up stuff all the time.  And I never played it until later.  I just got obsessed with the story and lore when I first heard of and watched someone play it in 1999. So I watched a lot and eventually played but I never got to the point where I could just play through with ease  and I feel really not good about that.  Like it hurts me in  some deep hidden place inside..  Lol because we'll that's kind of thing that starts off at the center of the story of how my life ended up the way it is.  And it's seems like it should be a little more..  Solid in my brain somewhere.  The music is what gets me going lately. Ahhhh..  ZREO...  those beginning days  with Sam and those kids will never fade from my memory. None of it will. I won't let it. Changed me too much to forget.

I am using pintrest to gather information for the "ido" BBQ. That wil take place in September in the place of a wedding. I bought invitations already that I want to use.  Got 24 of them.  Shouldn't need much more than that.  Also got stickers to put on the envelopes but they aren't wedding stickers ,  just heart stickers that I really liked.

I haven't mentioned that I broke the drier and now we cannot dry clothes here.  We can wash and wait until Mac lets  us use his drier,  but is don't really see that happening  very much because of how much Stan is mad about the whole cat thing.  Stan said he will be the one to go over there and do the clothes but I don't like the idea of him walking with a big basket full of wet laundry.  It's heavy and I can barely carry it myself.

Now I guess I am done with th is entry.
I should eat with my night time meds but I don't want to.
But I have to. So I will do that and go lay down  again.  And again  and again.

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