Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Today has been long day

Today I met Stan and the boys at hokkaido  for some delicious foods and I couldn't eat it all so I brought it home.
When Stan got off work we watched more of "worst cooks"  and I colored a lot in my  coloring books.
During the day I've been watching..  Or should I say re  watching House MD..  I'm not that far in..   Just season 2 episode 4 right now.
I remember how the end of the whole thing made me feel so I'm definitely needing to re watch it.

Then after hearing Stan talk about how much he wanted rice krispie treats..  I went to the store and got rice Krispy  generic and marshmallows  and I made him a big  tray of rice Krispy  treats
And I have been happy happy after a little post vacation slump
... Partially caused by all the feels leftover from being around people so much for so many days in a row.  And partially from some bad decisions  regarding foods and how much I ate.  Blaaaaah.
My weight is not a happy thing for me to think about and I don't know if it ever will be.  But I am learning to live with it..  Slowly but surely.  In some weird off the wall way..  Learning to live with an eating disorder...  Gotta love it yo  lol

I need to vacuum and sort my jewelry into baggies
We need to get my jewelry ready to be sold in bulk to possible boutiques around town... Newest project.  Big dreams on this one.

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