Monday, May 23, 2016

This last festival was a fail

It will forever be known as the mayfail fest
There was maybe 15 vendors.  Most of them were garage sale stuff.  Yard Sale.  Tag sale.  Whatever.  There was one other person with handmade jewelry  and he is making bracelets out of sterling silver spoons and charging 30 dollars for one piece of jewelry
But even my prices were not good enough  and even if they were these were some inbred as Sholes that don't even wear jewelry hardly.  Stan had on more jewelry than any other lady there and he is a burly man.
We were  supposed to stay until 2pm but I found the people in charge and told them I was done that I was wasting my time
I lost money.  I paid them money to set up a booth and sweat in the sun all damn day.  I know the money goes to a food pantry for needy hungry people so I'm not that upset I just wish I could have broken even.  Made enough to cover signing up for the damn festival in the first place.
But nope.

Now I have no money for vacation and I have no money for the rest of the year.  I can't even do the festival in  the fall like I did last year because it's on Sept 10th and guess what bitches...  That's the day I'm getting married.  Fml.

I am all kinds  of fucking upset and all I wanna do is sleep 
This vacation better be fun somehow or after vacay..  When we get home on Saturday or Sunday.    I am closing up shop on life for a while.  Calling in sick on the world.
I don't need this shit.  I lost my best friend  and the festival that I was trying to stay sane for and therefore  having to push my friend to the side...  That festival was a collassal  failure in ways I cannot explain.
So I have no friends and no reason to have lost them now that it's all over nothing to show for how selfish I was being and trying to take care of my own mental health  first and now I just want to kill something beautiful.
My blood sugar is low and I'm shaking and the only Reason you can read this is auto correct. I don't even care enough to eat anything I'm just going to lay here  fuck life
Tomorrow I leave and I don't care what happens.  Whatever  just whatever.

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