Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Setting boundaries is hard

I...  Am very empathic.  Very.  And when I  decide to care about someone it is hard for me to separate their life and things going on from my own.

It's been an issue  for me my entire life  I have done it with my parents all my life and I do it with my best friends now...  Because when I decide to care about someone it's family.  My tribe. And... Being so empathic i have had a really hard time separating others emotions from my own
This doesn't mean the people around me are in the wrong when I can't handle the feels they are having ...  It means I care too much and I am trying to take on their feels when a normal person would be able to separate themselves and not get upset as much.

So I have alienated my best friend over somethings and I am trying to cope with the possibility of losing a friend over things that...  Are super complicated.  But I am supposed to  set healthy boundaries...  Therapist said so..  And I don't....  This is hard okay

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