Saturday, May 7, 2016

long time no posty

life has been pretty good lately

i have had a lot of dreams and consequently more nightmares than normal

but that is ok

i got my mom something for mothers day but she wont get it until we go up there for the crawfish boil
i feel pretty good other than sleeping a fuck ton
i have been playing pokemon on the tablet using an emulator and rom
i'm playing pokemon sapphire

my pokemon are
Sableye lvl 16

Taillow lvl 15

Torchic lvl 15

Zigzagoon lvl 15

Whismur lvl 15

Wingull lvl 17

i'm kind of anal about leveling up everybody at the same speed so it takes me longer to get through most stuff
the reason one pokemon is ahead of the rest is usually because i needed it to be for a gym lol
i am not happy with this party i want a plant pokemon and a better water pokemon than wingull i have taillow that has the flying shit down torchic is obviously fire wishmur is probably going to go when i get something else sableye is staying because he s bad ass normal combo ghost and dark i think ??? a lot of moves dont work on him
zigzagoon is a filler cause i needed more pokemon but he is very hardy and i named him Ziggy so i might keep him because he is reliable to take hit while i heal my other pokemon

we saw Captain America: Civil War and it was AWESOMEEEEEE OMG OMG OMG OMG i didn't let anybody know how much i enjoyed it because all the guys were geeking out and i was having fun listening to them =X lol spiderman made me day seriously he is adorbz i want to hug him and squeeze him and eat him up
so cute
i got the hots for Scarlet Witch though, just sayin
she wears a lot of rings and it makes me like her more
stupid reason to like her more but i liked her before because she is BADASS
the ring thing just makes me feel more connected to her on a personal level
because i wear ALL THE RINGS

i colored in my coloring book today feels gooood mad
and now i'm playing pokemon and wondering what the fuck i'm gonna do all weekend
i should make jewelry but i dont wannaaaaa

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