Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Haven't updated on the tablet in ages

This thing is saying my last blog post was in January.  Since I have no computer this is the only way I can update anything right now.

The crawlfish  boil was okay until I decided to drink all the alcohol and try to make out with our friends girlfriend but I am really not surprised in myself at all  I like the ladies  and she was very touch y Feely herself
I know her reason for  being touchy was  to try and comfort my drunk as but don't you dare tell my drunk ass that
All my drunk ass wanted was ass

End of story

I gained like 10 lbs over the weekend that is from delicious food and alcohol binging
I have to lose this weight  or I will lose my fucking mind.

I am attempting to play pokemon and color in my coloring books
Also I need to get on the exercise bike becaus  my ass is massive

I already put up  stans clothes and unloaded the dishwasher and filled up the water jugs and now I need to fold  the towels  and go to the gas station for cigarette at some point
I will walk the dog and play with thebcat

OH yeah I gotta do the litter box too I forgot to do that yesterday.

I have been watching Deadpool over and over and also Grey's anatomy

And coloring

Such is the life

I have a festival  this weekend and I need to get ready for that

Also therapy  on Thursday afternoon
And we need to get my meds filled before the weekend because we won't be here to get them when they run  out
I guess I need to use my planner  lololollll

I'm gonna  make friendship bracelets for the kiddos this weekend and watch TV
Also wanna say that Karen is my girl and she is always going to be my bestie no matter what I don't care what happens it's till the end of the line kthx

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