Saturday, May 28, 2016

blogging in the car on the way home

this trip was pretty good in my opinion.
despite the sadness of stans mom being upset over the death of her dog Izzy. she got a new puppy while we were there so I got to play with a new puppy.... And he liked me a lot. they aren't completely sure they are going to keep him yet. But I hope they do. he is a precious little guy.

we went to a little cookout for stans birthday and the burgers they grilled were so good I even had seconds. and I ate leftovers the next day too.
(blogging on the road in the car is crazy weird. pretty fun though)

we are about 10 mins north of Nashville.
there's a ton of traffic.
last night we stayed with stans dad and step mom. they took us put to eat at the nicest restaurant over been to in ages. and we didn't dress up. I felt so inferior so everyone in the entire place. felt do ridiculously under dressed. I had a bowl of soup that was chicken and rice and mushrooms. was the best soup I'd had in ages also. stan ordered dessert and they put a candle in his cheese cake. the cheese cake was literally the best I've every had.
I went to bed early as hell last night. like.. 8 pm. and I slept all night without getting up even once. needless to say when I went to the bathroom first thing this morning I peed for like... a whole minute straight. stan laughed so hard.

wow we are just outside Nashville and there was a mattress laying on the road in the middle of the interstate. people were dodging it like crazy
okay I'm h gonna go play Pokemon in the car now..

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