Monday, April 11, 2016

well i am disappoint

i didn't sell enough at the festival
feel sad

now i have to sort all my jewelry into baggies again
and wash clothes
and try not to lose my mind
and sit here
and sit here
and yeah

i'm watching Animaniacs and shit
i dont know
i want to sleep
but i cant sleep anymore

i dunno what to do
 i sorted all my necklaces today!!! already

i have to hang up clothes and dry and fold towels
i dont feel like doing it because when its done then i will have nothing to think about doing.. nothing to do

i want to eat and sleep and eat and eat and eat and sleep

just salty canned soup and stuff here
i barely have any pretzels or animal crackers and i dont really want them
i have some yogurt but i would have to eat like. 4 of them to feel full and i have only.. 6? so that is almost all of them just to feel full for a few hours

i will have to eat soup
i guess


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