Monday, April 11, 2016

monday monday monday

my blogger thing just had an error and that scares me

anyway i am having a hard time without ephedrine and that makes me sad but whatever

i will get some green tea extract pills and take b complex vitamins and caffeine and that should be good enough i think

i made necklaces today and it was what i wanted to make and i also made suncatchers
they aren't that great looking kind of... i dunno

blue/clearish orbs and pseudo-sea glass

and the "earth air fire water" one is nice, i think

i'm gonna hang them from the fishing line out front on the porch

I am wanting to decorate for a holiday but idk what to.. do... maybe just summer spring
until Beltane.. may 1st

there's a festival near my parents house that happens every two months or so i think and if i can get in there and go every time and get people to tell me what they want and i make it and get customers that would be good.

i have to have a project like this or i will go insane
i am trying to find things to keep myself busy

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