Thursday, March 17, 2016

thursday was an ok day

I woke up at 6am
did lots of stuff (dishes, ran dishwasher... other stuff i forget now lol) and got dressed really early
saw stan off to work
went to Barnes and Noble and just RELAXED

 .. i wrote down some names for characters in my book... and spent a lot of time trying to get my tablet to connect to the wifi without any success. lol it was... RIDICULOUSLY FRUSTRATING
i played in my planner and wrote a tiny bit in my journal

i listened to a table of old ladies bitch about young people and agreed with most of the things they had to say
then i went to the mall and wandered around. bought a bracelet at Earthbound

yes i need to dust my keyboard/computer

then i went to the cheap asian fashion place and got stuff to make jewelry and came home and set up a workspace in the livingroom

and i made some stuff

this goes from smaller to medium to large beads and its a long necklace.. i think its pretty cool

the offwhite larger beads are mother of pearl very raw and natural.. looks better in person and with flash.
i like the tiny heart earrings too...

not completely happy with the way this turned out but metal tassel necklaces are going to be something i want to sell in april because its different and popular or has the potential to be. i need to get a lot of cheap chain or round up what little bits i have lying around

so yeah i'm in the groove again ~*THE GROOOOOOOOVE*~


will post more later about what i am makingggg

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