Monday, March 14, 2016

march 11 through 13th and today...

soooo. packed up before stan got off worked on friday. Stan picked up pizza on the way home to get me.. we haul ass to my parents house with Herc and Lilly

I gave mom her angel plant that I had been wanting to give her forever they finally had one again and she likes it i think, i dont know

We ate pizza and watched Blazing Saddles on friday night

I barely slept over night... I took Herc around 3:33
I got up early and I took a power cat nap from noon until 1pm

My dad smoked Boston Butt, Kim brought potato salad. mom made baked beans and bread and delicious desserts
 Kim brought Brian with her.. Gordon went and got Krista..

gordon went to work and Krista stayed at the house
we played dice and then David and Lauren came and ate and we started a second game of dice but I could not finish because I was too anxious

we stayed at my parents house for longer than i thought i we would on sunday but it was okay because i finally got to sleep good
took lots of naps and sleeps and yay

we came home and went and got chinese and watched game of thrones and i crashed and slept

and today was... pretty intense

i feel really sick
like... drained and exhausted in ways that i dont know...

im watching greys anatomy again
i think wednesday is going to be a good day

i have a lot of feels
weird vibes


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