Saturday, March 5, 2016

late saturday update

this week was a hell of a rollercoaster ride and i had no idea there was an eclipse next week to boot so now i know why energy is wonky and it will all make sense later onnnn

march 2 was the WORST day
march 3 gave me hope
my period started
i had a lot of synchronicity
i did a VERY productive tarot card reading and also another one later in the day or the next i cant remember that i didnt write down and its all... its all going to happen something is happening this spring
we just dont know exactly what it is

it definitely seems like we will be moving somewhere new
maybe out of this apartment or our of the state
way too many synchronicities going on to not have something going to happen
it might just but that we get a boost in pay somehow or something and move out of this place and life here gets better *coughcoughpatmysteriouslydisappearscoughcough*
or something

on friday i started up a package for Jessy --- we ate delicious pizza and watch game of thrones woooooooo
i also caught up with Jess(ica Crowe) and i have good feels now that she is talking to me. i have to do a blessing for her she is having surgery and that is scary and i love her and yeah =X (note to self look up herbs corresponding to gallbladder and liver??? just for intent and thought)

today i woke up and well, i didnt get much sleep at all. and i have been running a fever but i was determined to go to the bookstore and mall with Stan so i got pretty and wore one of the shirts he got me last spring that i have worn like ONCE and it was awesome i think everybody loved it.. it definitely made me feel pretty

we went to barnes and noble first and i looked at a loot of things... checked out the palahniuk-- nothing i havent read in stock. booooo. went to bio and saw a bunch of Augusten Burroughs and made mental note to try and find them used somewhere because i want to read them badly but i dont want to be $15. i might just sit there and read all day for a few days and keep track of where i am in the book seems like a #frugalbitchisfrugal thing to do, yes?

i looked at journals for my writing an also for writing prompt exercises and they had none of the ones i wanted and nothing i wanted for my special personal journals
kind of lame
like everything was so ornate and expensive i wanted to barf i could get a book and make it look that way myself with proper things

there was a group of young teenagers like... 13-18 kiddos sitting near us and i went to the bathroom and the there was somebody in the other stalll and there is only two stalls so when i went in the stalls were full. the three girls came in and were all loud and obnoxious and young girls tend to be and they were singing songs that were playing on the audio system and then they said "can you hurry up?" and i just stood there like ARE YOU SERIOUS... fuck you.. so i took my time and they left the bathroom before i was done.
when i opened my stall the other stall door opened and it was a little old lady who could barely walk and she had this look of disgust on her face... and i was standing there thinking "oh sweetie i know.... they are little cunts arent they" and she hobbled out the door.
i washed my hands and went back to eat and they were-- as i said sitting by us.. i had to walk by their table to get to mine.. i gave them the stink eye lol
and said a little loudly, but not too loudly "they're just being little cunts"

they gave the waitresses a hard time and it made me fucking furious
then they left and we left and we went to SPENCERS and we looking at fake leather corset things for me and they walked in there... and they were all like "OH MY GOD ARE YOU SERIOUS"
i walked by them said quite loudly "you LITTLE fucking CUNTS" and we sat outside and waited for them to leave before we went back in to look around.. the people there were kind of unhappy with them too. they are just some bad kids. man. ugh

they made fun of everything and everybody they could. and its just... seriously... shut the fuck up and shop or eat or whatever. like... seriously
uh so after that i went to the

~*Fashion Jewelry*~ store where i got bought three bangle bracelets and a spinner ring to spin when i am anxious in public and want to run but cant and need to DO SOMETHING
its perfect =3

and more after the break yo

i got this bruise from the bolt lock of the dollar tree store here in tuscaloosa i didn't have the door gripped properly and it swung down into my arm.. the big thing that sticks out to  lock and unlock the bolt lock for me right on the arm... HURT LIKE A MOTHER FUCKERRRR this bruise is jiodghvaoruhgorafd

this is the notebook journal i am drafting the  writing of my novel in 

i just love this pencil case ok

to show you how much progress i've made in my personal journal... the pages are really thin so its actuallly quite a bit

and because this is so pretty and i love it

this is a nice notepad dollargeneral has good stuff like this too

i had to stop using the binder clip Karen sent me because i needed a bigger one!! this is the biggest clip i have! ahhhh  i covered it in washi obviously.. so much stuff in the day log journal lololol

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