Friday, March 11, 2016

finally going to see my parents this weekend

we are leaving in an hour or so and going to my parents house... having pizza with them and watching some kind of movie probably... stan is going to probably set them up on his netflix account so they can watch stuff and we can have all those things to maybe watch with them this weekend... if they want to use their interwebs data

i am nauseated but i will be okay.. i just gotta make it to dinner or something
peppermints are helping a little bit
i need to walk the dog and check the mail and get everything ready for leaving and packing the car
i dont wanna take my chromebook because its too much to take
i already have a lot that i'm taking and i hate taking more
i made a necklace for myself with beads spaced out in the numbers 1 - 3 - 6 - 7 - 11
and its pretty awesome and i love it
ahhhhh the nausea blaahhh

my little brother got a job finally (again) and its where i worked my first real job and i hope he does better than i did... he is better with people than i am so i think he will be okay

i guess i will go now
need to take out some garbage before we leave too because i dont want the nasty stuff to smell bad when we get back from my parents house

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