Thursday, March 31, 2016

cant sleep might as well update

the festival is not this weekend.. but the next.
i am making long chains of beads to make long versatile no clasp necklaces for people to wear as one really long necklace or double it up or wrap it around their wrist idk its the same thing as i did with the other necklace/bracelet combo item but this one is longer and has the potential of being two colors if they wanted two different colors...
i thought i might sell them at the festival as.. customize your own length
but i think i might just do one really long chain and connect it  and sell that as is? i will have to see how long these chains of beads are... some of them i can do that with.. others are not long enough.

so tonight has been the LONGEST NIGHT EVER
every time  we say this its long but i ~*~*~*~* SWEARRRRRRR*~**~*~*~* this one is for really real the longest lmao


yeah i dunno i am gonna go ..... do .. something.. maybe i will even take a sleepsssssss

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